Lift & Slide Doors

Bringing the freshness of outdoors, indoors.

Lift and slide doors are a type of large glass sliding door system designed for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. They differ from conventional sliding doors due to their unique mechanism and operation.

Here's an overview of lift and slide doors:
Mechanism: The "lift and slide" name is derived from the door's operation. When the handle is turned, the door panel "lifts" off its seal, reducing friction and allowing it to slide easily on its track. When the door is in its desired position, turning the handle back down "lowers" the door, setting it onto the seal for a tight, secure fit.

  • Panoramic Views
  • Energy Efficient
  • Ease Of Use

Ease of Operation: Despite their often large and heavy design, lift and slide doors are easy to operate due to the lifting mechanism, which reduces friction.
Energy Efficiency: When in the closed position, the door sits on its seals, providing an airtight fit which helps prevent drafts and improves insulation.
Space-Saving: Since they slide parallel to the wall, lift and slide doors don't require swing space, making them ideal for areas where space is a premium.
Panoramic Views: Typically designed with large glass panels, these doors offer unobstructed views, maximizing natural light and blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Due to their sophisticated mechanism and often larger sizes, lift and slide doors can be more expensive than traditional sliding doors or other door types. Proper installation is crucial to ensure their smooth operation and longevity.

In summary, lift and slide doors are a modern, stylish, and functional door solution, especially favored in high-end architectural designs for their ability to offer expansive views and easy indoor-outdoor transitions.